Ciao Everyone,

You might have a faint suspicion by now, but I confirm to be Italian. I lived in the South of Italy (Calabria) for the first 27 years of my life until moving to the UK. It was a big geographical and cultural jump but I’m still here after 8 years. This makes me bilingual, which apparently gives my brain a lower chance to get Alzheimer and other neurodegenerative diseases (hopefully).

I've got a background in environmental engineering and materials science. My PhD was on CO2 capture so I'm very close to the struggle against climate change and passionate about environmental sustainability.

Technical writing has always taken up a huge chunk of my working hours, especially when typing up my 300 pages PhD thesis. It’s a never-ending number of words and can be a real pain in the neck if you don’t like writing.

But luckily, I do!

I then decided to combine my skills and passions to become a freelance environmental writer and created “”. I can help you not only with technical write-ups but also with many other things.

I guess that’s pretty much it, but I owe you an explanation about “salix”. Well, this is a nickname given to me by one of my colleagues and dearest friends long time ago back at Uni. Always liked the sound of it (unlike my surname's, which is too long and difficult to spell/understand… basically a nightmare!).


On top of that, Salix is the Latin word for willow, which adds up to the green character of my writing.

Salix became my Facebook username and I used it as a pen name when writing fictional stories.

Yes, I‘m into creative writing too. You can read some of my pieces by clicking on here.

That's the end of my story right here, right now. But it does continue to evolve behind the scenes as I strives for growth. Which is what everyone should do in life.

As my English teacher used to say: "No matter what happens, never give up!"



As you can see from the picture on the left,

I'm a guitar player.

I wish! One day perhaps...

Anyway, other than being a joker, I like listening to music. Mostly indie rock but I'm open to any kind (except trap).

What else? Before pandemics stormed into our lives, I was working on my Latin dance moves.

Though I'll probably need to restart from scratch

next time I step onto a dancefloor!

I'm a member of a public speaking club,

Toastmasters International.

Joining this group was a life-changing step as it's an immense source of inspiration, skills (speechwriting first of all, but many others too) and therefore growth.

Needless to mention I do love writing and reading.

And that's probably the secret for a happy life:

Turning your hobbies into your work!

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