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A sustainability E-copywriter? What on Earth you blogging about?

Updated: Jun 22

SPOILER: an e-copywriter is not some kind of cyborg.

I just played around with words (I love doing that) to combine my passion for sustainability and my copywriter profession.

I won’t brag about the story of my life, but let me give you this post's storyline:


The phanthomatic E-copywriter

The link between copywriting and meditation

A free treat to wrap-up

The phanthomatic E-copywriter

A generic copywriter writes the so-called "copy", which essentially words that persuade people to do (ideally buy) something.

Now, this may sound bad, right? And it could indeed be!

But I'm an e-copywriter!

Er, so what?

I help eco-friendly e-commerce (notice the purposely-stuffed "eco" keyword here) promote their sustainable products.

Can you be more specific? I hear some of you demanding.

My areas of expertise are:

I'll cover the above and other topics in my blog. Yes, I'm a sustainability blogger too!

So, why have I become a sustainability copywriter?

Deep down, I’ve always wanted to be a writer. Though sometimes life frantically throws layers of compost at us, which builds up over time and buries alive our most impelling desires underneath.

Yet, like Uma Thurman in Kill Bill Vol. 2, my inner writer self has now broken through its coffin and made it to the surface.

woman trying to get out of a coffin representing copywriting passion coming out

The link between copywriting and meditation

"Wow, that's a big jump," you'll say.

Though it's not if you think about it.

Everybody needs to unwind, right?

You can work out, listening to some music. All healthy practices.

But none of these works as well as hitting on my keyboard for me!

So, why is a sustainability copywriter talking about meditation?

Well, you should read this book.

In her must-read manuscript for whoever wants to get into writing, Natalie Goldberg introduced the concept of “writing practice”.

A mind-blowing read highlighting how writing and meditation are interwoven.

I both write and meditate (or at least I try to do the last one).

You might not be bothered by writing, but I’d strongly encourage you to take care of your mind through meditation practice.

Dalai Lama thinking about becoming a copywriter

“But I haven’t got a clue on how to do it!” some of you will reasonably point out.

Don't you worry. You can use an app called “Headspace” which will guide you through it.

Basic functionalities are available for free so that you can have a feel of how it's like prior to commit to a membership.

I have been using for a year now and meditating pretty regularly. It does open up your mind!

Why is that important?

For an infinite number of reasons.

My top motivation is mindfulness meditation, which trains your mind to be present at all times.

Did you know that our mind wonders off 47% of our awakening time?

That's mental, right? (pun intended)

A free treat to wrap-up

Right, now you know who I am, what I blog/write about and that I practise meditation.

Though there's much more you still don't know...

For example, although I'm an environmental scientist by trade, I've been exploring my artistic side in the last few months and plunged into the climate fiction (cli-fi) dimension.

Check my short stories' extract and, if you like them, join my newsletter and I'll share them with you for free!

What next?

Watch this space (always wanted to write this, I feel so cool now) as I'm putting together some tips on how to live more sustainably.

Meanwhile, keep the planet alive! And, as someone used to sing, keep yourself alive!

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