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An eco-writer? What on Earth you blogging about?

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Have you ever felt naked despite being fully clothed?

Well, that’s how I feel right now, granting you the superpower of reading my mind!

It's not the first time I share my thoughts online. I lost my (posting) virginity about ten years ago in a promiscuous digital brothel called Facebook. Since then, I've written several posts. But writing on a proper blog feels different, more private, scarier.

I won’t brag about the story of my life, as I’ve already done it here.

So, let’s get to the main point. Why have I started this blog? And what’s about?

Deep down, I’ve always wanted to be a writer. Though sometimes life frantically throws layers of compost at us, which builds up over time and buries alive our most impelling desires underneath. Yet, like Uma Thurman in Kill Bill Vol. 2, my inner writer self has now broken through its coffin and made it to the surface.

The phanthomatic eco-writer

So, what’s an eco-writer?

The first result coming up when searching “eco-writer” on Ecosia (the eco-Google), is the Italian writer Umberto Eco. He was one of the most popular Italian writers of the 20th century and I highly recommend reading his book The Name of the Rose”. Unfortunately, he died in 2016. “Ah, I see. So this guy, the Eco writer, is a phantom…” I can hear you whisper. No, he has nothing to do with it.

One of my school teachers used to repeat over and over again: “the answer is in the question.” This mantra applies to my post title, which includes some keywords.

An eco-writer blogs about the Earth. Our planet is the environment where we live, which reflects our society. That’s why environmental sustainability and social issues will be hot topics on this blog.

Writing therapy

This blog will also cover anything concerning the marvellous art of writing, starting from its therapeutic effect.

How do you unwind your mind? Maybe working out? Listening to music? All healthy practices, but none of these works as well as hitting on my keyboard for me.

I thought it was just because I liked it, until I read this book. In her must-read manuscript for whoever wants to get into writing, Natalie Goldberg introduced the concept of “writing practice”. A mind-blowing read highlighting how writing and meditation are interwoven.

I both write and meditate (or at least I try to). You might not be bothered to write, but I’d strongly encourage you to take care of your mind through meditation practice.

“Ah, you mean yoga, right?” some of you might ask. Not quite, but it’s a start.

“But I haven’t got a clue on how to do it!” some others will reasonably point out. Don't you worry. You can use an app called “Headspace” which will guide you through it. Basic functionalities are available for free so that you can have a feel of how it's like prior to commit to a membership. I have been using for a year now and meditating pretty regularly. It does open up your mind!

Why is that important? For an infinite number of reasons. My top motivation is mindfulness meditation, which trains your mind to be present at all times.

Did you know that our mind wonders off 47% of our awakening time? And this is happening mostly because we’re not enjoying the present moment, overthinking about regrets and mistakes from the past or stressing out for the uncertainty of the future.

Unless you believe in reincarnation, you've got a one-shot deal. I wanna actively live my entire life, not just half of it. What about you?

A free treat to wrap-up

The aim of this very first post was to introduce myself (Antonio Salituro, aka salix, eco-writer and blogger from now on) and to outline what’s the blog will be about.

Just to recap, on this blog you’ll find contents on the following topics:

  • environmental sustainability

  • social issues

  • writing-related subjects

I'm an environmental scientist by training and wrote tons of technical documents. Though, I've been exploring my artistic side in the last few months and plunged into the fictional short stories’ dimension. If you don't know what a short story is, this should help. I like sci-fi (especially cli-fi) of course, but I tend to write historical fiction with a touch of supernatural.

I will upload a story extract each time I post on this blog. The first story is entitled “The light at the end of the Ramsgate tunnels” and you can read it here. If you like the prompt and want to read the full version, just enter your email in the subscriber form and you'll receive it for free as part of my newsletter.

To be continued…

I'd love to hear from you.

Is there any topic other than those abovementioned you would like this blog to cover?

Are you a writer/blogger who would like to share an idea on this blog? Please feel free to email me and I’ll feed back to you.

If you've got any feedback at all about this post or the website, just leave a comment below or go here (please be constructive, no need to be rude).

In my next post, I will give you some tips on how to live more sustainably. I know you can’t wait, so watch this space (always wanted to write this, I feel so cool now)!

Meanwhile, keep the planet alive! And, as someone used to sing, keep yourself alive!

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