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Sustainability copywriter

Make your
eco-story convert 

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Meet Salix

I'm Antonio Salituro, a.k.a. salix, and I work as a freelance sustainability copywriter.


So, what or who is that?!

What Or Who Is A Sustainability Copywriter?

copywriter like me is a professional who writes copy for companies in the sustainability niche.


Besides belonging to your audience, I have a relevant background:

  • Master degree in environmental engineering;

  • PhD in carbon capture.


Apart from SEO, my sustainability copywriting services include both short-form (social media, landing pages, etc.) and long-form (blog posts, white papers, etc.) copy.

How Will Your Company Benefit From My Sustainability Copywriting Services?

  • Less time (and money) spent explaining how your climate-friendly B2B software as a service (Saas) or tech works

  • A higher conversion rate for your climate tech or eco-friendly product 

  • No fines for not complywing with anti-greenwashing rules

Keep your fingers rolling to find out more on magic recipe for churning out purchase orders.

How A Sustainability Copywriter Can Make You Sell While Sleeping...😪💸

I’m sure your products and services are awesome, but it's not enough to boast amazingly unique benefits and shiny pictures on your website to sell them! You still need to hunt for clients willing to buy them!

The good news is that a sustainability copywriter can make your eco-conscious
customers come to you while you rest at night!


No chatGPT involved, though I learnt how to make the most out of it! Instead, I blend SEO, blogging, and copywriting into an appetising inbound marketing strategy for boosting your revenues and sustainability.

But before delving into that, let me explain why you should trust me.

I’ve been many things in my 11-year long career:

✔ A climate tech engineer
✔ A carbon footprint scientist
✔ A circular economy designer ♻

Yet, the script of my eco-friendly life led me to become a contractor sustainability copywriter. 📝🌳

And that's when I unleashed my true potential!

My "sustainability copywriting as a service" mostly focus on:

But I'm open to upcycle any other eco-friendly business into a mint...

What about my SEO expertise?

When I started my business over a year ago, I already knew a lot about sustainability and copywriting, but not so much about SEO…

That’s why I focused all my green energy in developing this powerful skill and became an expert SEO eco-copywriter.

There are a number of SEO tools that can teach you how to master this craft, but I’d recommend Ubersuggest.


Simply because it's user-friendly and gave me consistent and positive results.

✔ A 50% traffic increase over 6 months for my website
✔ A 30% traffic increase over 3 months for an environmental sustainability association I worked for

Right, I think you know enough about me now...
So, what's this miraculous formula I've been bragging about?

In short:

✔ Make your web copy SEO-friendly 
✔ Publish an SEO-friendly 1,000-word blog post per month
✔ Use Ubersuggest to check your SEO performance and improve it

Lead geneation
Comms Strategy

A Sustainability Communication Strategy That Boosts Your Triple Bottom Line

What happens when you blend a sustainability copywriter with a climate change speaker? You get a business communication consultant who can improve your ESG performance.


Because, let’s face it, when it comes to communication on climate change and other ESG topics, empty, boring, and/or gloomy words delivered in a monotone voice are as useless as King Charles’ speeches!

And it’s not just about people and the planet. With more
climate quitters, eco-friendly consumers, and sustainable investors, ineffective comms will cost you profits! But don’t worry. I can help you nail what your sustainability communication should be about.​

How To Become A Thought Leader

With a higher public awareness on greenwashing, writing accurate information is key to build or retain a strong reputation. Whether you have to write a speech for a motivational talk on how to cope with eco-anxiety or a post on LinkedIn about your sustainability reporting, you’ll need spare time and copywriting skills. If you don’t have that, a sustainability copywriter can come to the rescue! Again, why me?

  • I understand the scientific jargon in the sustainability space (emissions scopes, net zero, etc.)

  • Although being essential, literacy is not enough. You need to translate mind-boggling concepts & numbers into impactful messages for your stakeholders. Which is what a sustainability copywriter does! 

  • Another thing you could do to lead the way in the sustainability arena is to hire a freelance script writer to create the content of an insightful yet entertaining podcast. Check mine and let me know what you think! 

How To Become A Confident Public Speaker 

Once you’re happy with your written message, you’ll have to convey it in a confident way. To do so, you’ve got to get over the fear of public speaking.

Good news: Anyone could do it. Bad news: It takes time and efforts!

Aside from overcoming anxiety, there are many other techniques to learn.
Body language, hand gestures, vocal variety, you name it. Which is why you should speak to an experienced public speaker!

I’ve been honing all these skills for the last 5 years thanks to the Toastmaster organisation. After serving as Vice President Education for 4 years in my club, I’ve now become President. Besides being a public speaking coach for several club members, I’ve fine-tuned my presentation & jokes delivery. But don’t believe my words. Check my stand-up climate comedy performance and videos, one of which was awarded the third prize in the 2023 Inside the Greenhouse Comedy & Climate Change Short Video Competition.

So, whether you wanna prep for a TED talk or simply engage your team members, speak to me for arranging an online coaching session!

If becoming one of the most inspirational business speakers on sustainability is not your aspiration, you can hire a professional spokesperson like me for enlivening sustainability corporate events or simply keeping people awake while you talk about your climate action.





Job title: Sustainability blogger and copywriter

SEO-friendly blog posts on circular packagingfast fashion sustainability issues, sustainable materials for clothing, plastic pollution, climate tech, carbon footprint reduction.

industrial plant near a river


Job title: B2B Carbon footprint copywriter

Client: Small99
SEO-friendly articles and guides
on carbon footprint reduction

strategies (e.g. best climate tech

projects to invest in) to help SMEs

meet their net zero targets

question about tiktok on google bar


Job title: Climate tech copywriter

Client: C-Combinator


Content: circular economy, agtech & sustainable agriculture, sustainable fashion and sustainable cosmetics 

Job title: Sustainability content writer

Client: EDGE (green real estate)

Content: carbon footprint reduction of construction, sustainable buildings and offices, and climate tech (IoT sensors and AI to reduce energy consumption)


Job title: B2B sustainable packaging copywriter

Client: Simply Stem


Content: compostable packaging for promoting sustainability in the hospitality and film & TV industry

plastic-free textiles


Job title: Sustainable fashion copywriter

Client: B2C ecommerce (Alto Modas)

"About us" page 
promoting client's
sustainable clothing materials

reusable coffee cup


Job title: Eco-friendly copywriter for a sustainability and minimalism brand

Client: B2C ecommerce (NIMAL)

I created the copy for landing and product pages marketing
a reusable and resizable cup

climate activist showing a banner


Job title: Sustainability ad copywriter

Client: B2C ecommerce (Kaltimer)

Product description of a recycled 
hardwood desk organizer 

smartphone in someone hand


Job title: Sustainability social media copywriter

Client: B2B consultancy

(The Purpose Factory)

Social media copy about carbon footprint reduction, climate tech and
sustainable development goals (SDGs)



Job title: Eco-friendly copywriter

  • 3 10-min video scripts per month for a Youtube channel with over 1M followers. Research on and write about climate tech, batteries for electric vehicles, renewable energy.

  • Video script to promote clothes swapping and sustainable fashion materials

open dictionary


Job title: Sustainability Copywriter for a B2B SaaS & Climate Tech Startup

Client: Carbonsink

Translation of a technical report on:

  • green finance instruments

  • carbon pricing

  • scope 3 (supply chain) carbon footprint

  • climate neutrality

banner to reduce CO2


Job title: B2B Carbon footprint copywriter
Client: B2B ecommerce (Foodstiks
Designed and wrote the copy 
for an Infographic highlighting the lower carbon footprint of compostable 
wooden cutlery compared to plastic




Giulia Burchi,
Impact and Project Manager at Green Future Project

A full command of the English language, together with the skills in the world of sustainability acquired through years of experience in the sector, make Antonio a talented copywriter, always ready to perfectly meet the most diverse requests and needs. 
Be it social media copy, blog posts, or anything else related to finding the right wording, Antonio knows perfectly what to do!

Kate-Evans from EarthWise

Kate Evans, CEO of EarthWise

Antonio has been instrumental in the launch of our environmental sustainability programme providing detailed research. He also worked on our website's SEO, increasing our traffic by 30% over 6 months. His work as sustainability copywriter was excellent and I'm very happy to highly recommend him.

Manon Copini from The Purpose Factory

Manon Copini, Sr Project Manager at The Purpose Factory

Antonio did a great job for us writing an article on business and sustainability. He asked the right questions in order to deliver exactly what we were looking for in terms of quality, tone of voice, research, SEO etc. Antonio is very easy to communicate with. He delivers on time, good quality work. Pleasure to work with!

Simply Stem LOGO

Charlotte Michel, CEO at Simply Stem

Antonio contacted me after visiting my website/social media and asked if we needed some help with the copywriting for our sustainable packaging business. Antonio is polite and professional and very knowledgeable, he has written us some fantastic blogs and we are looking forward to working with him the future and developing more ideas for our website and social media posts

Adam-Bastock from small99

Adam Bastock, CEO at small99

Antonio is a passionate copywriter for all things Eco and Sustainable. We've worked together on several projects, from individual blogs to larger reports and his dedication to research always achieves fantastic results!

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