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A Funny Podcast To
Stop Climate Change
1 Laugh At A Time

Whether you're at work, on a road trip, or trying to fall asleep, laughing at the climate crisis in a comedy podcast lets you calm your eco-anxiety and turn it into action. And that’s what we desperately need to save the planet! Yet, you’ll struggle to laugh about climate change or the environment in any of the top 10 comedy podcasts on Spotify, Apple, or other platforms. That's why I started Climate 4 Fun!


While being an environmental writer, I must admit that writing a funny comedy podcast on climate change has been as hard as getting rid of bloody plastic! But I'm doing my best (spoiler: I'm not recycling other funny podcast jokes)! So, what will you listen to in my show?

  • A quirky quiz called “Who Wants To Be Climate-Aware”

  • Standup comedy sketches that flood yourself laughing

  • Fun climate actions to make your impact risible

  • Funny interview questions to ask your friends

  • Coolest climate tech against global warming

  • (Unused) Climate jokes!

Just to give you a sweet flavour of the show, you’ll hear about something like how wind turbines are getting recycled into candies. Yep, you read that right! Or how you can sweat out clean power while dancing in a club. If that’s music to your ears, make sure to tune in.

Meet The Climate 4 Fun Host

To cut my long eco-story short, I’m a climate scientist who has put his red nose on to make global warming more chilled and easy-to-understand for anybody. Aside from running this podcast, I also make educational yet silly videos on my YouTube channel.

My ideal guest

So far, I interviewed standup comedians, book authors, researchers, entrepreneurs, actors. While doing very different things, they all share the same goal. Leveraging humour to engage more people into climate action. If you resonate with this earth-saving mission, give me a shout!

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