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If you can’t find any sustainability blogs or websites that accept guest posts, it’s your lucky day, as I’m happy to give anyone plenty of green opportunities.

By the way, did you know backlinks is the second most important Google ranking factor?

Well, I can give you one for free.

But writing a guest post is not only an effective method for improving your SEO, as you can get extra benefits out of it:

However, before you get your creative juice flowing and submit your guest post, make sure to read through my dead simple guidelines.

- Preferred topics for a guest post

  1. circular economy (e.g., zero waste, sustainable packaging)

  2. charging station and batteries for electric vehicles (EVs)

  3. climate technologies (e.g., food tech, agtech, etc.)

  4. sustainable buildings & real estate

  5. sustainable fashion and textiles

  6. green energy/renewables

  7. eco-beauty and skin care

  8. sustainable travel

  9. green living

Outside of the above categories, I’m open to discuss other topics as far as your post includes tips for enhancing sustainability.

- Length

Around 1,000 words is a sweet spot between what google likes (see SEO below) and what readers can bear without dozing off.


  • Figure out which keywords are relevant to your topic. You can use free SEO tools like Ubersuggest (ideally) or google keyword planner. Your main keyword (and others too) should have high search volume (SV) and low (<35) SEO difficulty (SD).

  • Incorporate your main keyword in your headline and subheadings. Weave other keywords in your text where it makes sense but please don’t stuff your post with keywords for the sake of it, otherwise you’ll upset mister google.

  • Your post should answer the FAQs related to your topic (see “People also ask” section on google when searching for your keywords)

- Tone of voice (TOV)

I like humour, so feel free to unlock the stand-up comedian who is in you (you can still sit down while writing the post though). Also, please avoid jargon and make sure to explain difficult concepts. Just peek at some of my articles above to have an idea of my TOV.

Right, if you made it here, you’re a true eco-warrior. Now, you should be ready to pitch me an idea for your sustainability-driven post at 

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